Monday, May 6, 2013

The Beauty of Gardening

I say that Summer is my favorite season because, as an always cold person, I love the heat and not feeling cold for an entire season. But the truth is, Spring is my favorite season because the tastes of warm weather and everything blooming makes me excited to get up in the morning as every day is literally bright and new.  Things are warming up, both physically in the outside world and mentally for most of us who have now suffered through months of light deprivation.  New beginnings are all around.

As I was talking to Little Buddha about the 2nd anniversary of my divorce (yes, I let the two year anniversary pass without so much as a blog post!), I told her that year 1 was survival and year 2 was rebuilding -- so what is year 3 is ??  It is a new feeling to look around and see  that what you used to view as devastation is now beginning to grow again and is really wonderful - to literally reap the benefits of what has been sown.

This beautiful analogy is compliments of Little Buddha:
It’s like gardening, but in years.  You plant a seed and you don’t even see it grow for how long?  Then it starts to grow a little.  You may have a bird, bug, animal come along and chew it or eat it, which is as frustrating as it is depressing.  You either try again with a new seed or have something left so you try and repair it.  You try different things to keep the little buggers away.  Then you may end up doing the damage yourself.  You may overwater, underwater… and you try again.  You may even give up and not care anymore so you just water here and there and pay little attention to it.  Finally one day you walk outside and see this little thing coming out of the ground and you look at it in amazement, but you still don’t focus too much on it for fear of being disappointed again.  You keep doing what you are doing and figure if it grows, it grows.  Again one day you go outside and wow, you see a little blooming going on.  It’s little moments like these that you are reminded “oh my gosh, I love life”.

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