Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Madness

The beach weekend kicked off over Memorial Day and I returned for another year of splitting a beach house with a bunch of young professionals in Avalon.  As soon as I arrived at the popular bar in the beach town, I got a text from Hot Hair (went out a few times in the summer of ‘11, hung out a few times in the summer of ‘12).  He asked where I was and quickly came to meet me.  As he walked up, he hair looked as hot as ever and he had a smoldering look in his eye. He gave me a big, warm hug and said, “you look fantastic, you look exactly the same as the day I met you!”  That’s all that it took for me to step outside of my self-chosen Convent and commence melting.  

We hung out Friday night and Saturday night and he said we should hang out in the city sometime because he just bought a place there. I said that sounded good and after a weekend filled with smoldering looks and compliments (practically soul food for a single gal), I was looking forward to seeing him again.

I left the beach on Sunday to spend the rest of the weekend with Grace and good friends. All around a fantastic weekend. I texted Hot Hair on Monday evening and in a flirty way asked how the rest of the beach weekend was and he wrote back a bland, normal answer. I sent a second very cute text about the rest of my weekend and awaited a response.  Crickets. Crickets. He never wrote back!  I had forgotten one key thing - he is flaky!  I discovered this early on after we met 2 summers ago. Rediscovered it again last year. And here he is yet again...same hot hair, same flakiness.

While I am sure I’ll hear from him again, I also know he pays attention only to what is right in front of him in the moment.  So I’m not taking it personally but at the same time there is a bit of disappointment as I could have soaked in a few more smoldering looks and compliments before getting my fill.

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