Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Make Your Situation the Best

Admittedly, I’ve been in a bit of a blue spot. 2 years ago, I was hating life 7 days a week. Now it is down to an average of 2 days a week. However in the last month of so I’ve been feeling blue. Disappointed that the new job isn’t what I was hoping for.  Missing my friends who are going in other directions for various reasons. Unsure of how to manage the duality of the contentment found in not dating versus the isolation felt from not dating.  (Although ironically, when a close friend bid goodbye after a lunch, she said “be happy” to which I thought “I am happy...I’m just having a spot of blue amidst the happy”)

In speaking with my Mom she said, “you make the best of your situation”. I found this to be depressing. I’m sure it is supposed to be an optimists tag line but somehow ‘making the best’ of something sounds like settling. Saying “ok, this isn’t what I wanted but I’ll make the best of it”.  That is not what I wanted for my life, nor do I have any interest in living a life that I settled for.  Upon discussion this phrase with Little Buddha she promptly replied, “don’t make the best of your situation, make your situation the best!”  YES!!  This is what I need - this is how it is meant to be. Most of our situations are out of our control. But I don’t want make the best of what feels like a less-than situation, I want to make a situation that I feel is less-than into the best - more-than - awesomeness.

Now if only making your situation the best was as easy as deciding that is what you want to do.  The bigger step is figuring out how to actually do it.  I’m a planner - it’s in my DNA and it’s how I function. Therefore, a plan is needed...

Diana Prince’s “make my situation the best” plan:
- Each time I have a “this is less-than what I wanted” thought - replace it with a “I am so lucky to have” thought.
- When I feel isolated, send a text to a friend to say hi
- Play the piano more!!  When I sit down to play, everything melts away and, though cheesy as it sounds, it literally feels like a spiritual connection to the universe - to every note that is being played in that moment, to all of the notes that have been played before and all of the notes that will come.  Don’t believe me? Give it a try!
- Read a good book - nothing brings new perspectives in a more enjoyable manner than a good book!

What else can be done to make your situation the best? How do you combat the blue spots that unwillingly arise?

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