Friday, February 21, 2014

The Pace Setter

In relation to my earlier post, it wasn’t just worrying that something was off – something really was off.  A guy from asked me out 3 times in one week, made plans for an additional date and then the night before the date texted me to say he’d love to be friends but it was “too much, too fast”. WTF – he set the pace?!  I asked him to tell me straight out what was up since we had a good time together and he stuck to his story that he’s just too busy right now.  Several pieces of evidence do not support his story, so I have concocted a few likely scenarios of what happened, though we may never know:

A)     He asked me out so many times so quickly because he couldn’t get enough of me and he realized he wasn’t ready to fall head over heels for an amazing girl so he ended it before it could further consume him. 
B)      He met another girl on because someone with substance, interests and a beautiful daughter was too much good to handle.
C)    He’s gay.

Either way, I am relieved to find out he’s a bit screwed up earlier than later so I’m happy the 3 dates were done in a week rather than dragging out over 3 weeks.  Adios jerk!

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