Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Stop Seeking Closure and Extract Him Already!

Fantastic post on the Tiny Buddha blog about “How to Move on When You’re Hurt and You’re Waiting for Closure". The author, Maria Moraca has a great job explaining the need we have for closure and how that perceived need can hold us back from moving on. This is exactly how I feel about Chap, I keep hanging on to the idea that I’m owed a more formal apology and want vindication for the way in which he shorted me in our time together.  She also provides actionable steps to help let go of the need for closure and to find closure on your own.

I can’t help but be reminded on the scene in the latest Wolverine movie where the evil mutant doctor implants a robotic spider that sucks Wolverine’s super power to heal out of him. In an attempt to save his own life from the robotic life-sucker, Wolverine reaches into his chest and painfully extracts the intruder from his heart.  This is akin to how I feel about Chap, that I need to forcibly extract him from my heart before I incur any more damage.

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