Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dear Me, Well Done! From, Me

In the last week or so things with the Pace Setter fizzled and I cut short a few dates with a cute swimmer who had more than enough ego for the two of us. So I’m back at square one. Last night, in the quiet of the evening, after Grace went to bed, I found myself wishing an thoughtful or caring email or text would pop up from someone who was thinking of me.  Alas, my phone stayed silent and dark. And my spirits started to darken as well.

That is when I realized, I was waiting for someone else to send a positive note brightening my day. Waiting for someone else to validate what a good effort I had made that day at my new job (which is rapidly becoming more demanding on many fronts) and as a Mom.  So why am waiting on someone else to lift me up? Why am I not lifting myself up? Seems about time to do so…

Hi Diana,

You really rocked today. I’m so proud of you for taking ownership of that mess of a project at work and moving it forward, finally it is almost complete!  Also, Grace seemed so happy and at peace as you cuddled with her tonight – you are so lucky to have such a sweet, loving child rest her head upon your chest and cuddle in to you. It is also a testament to your warmth and positivity toward her that she feels so comfortable and natural in doing so.

Lastly, I must say your skin is looking much clearer after whatever random issue caused that breakout & the new highlighter makeup you are using is really taking the years off.

Well done!

Yours truly,

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