Friday, March 21, 2014

Officer Hottie

I saw a tall, cute boy at the bar on Saturday night. He was singing with his friends and having a great time – not caring what anyone thought, not trying to impress anyone, not playing any games. So, I decided to give him my number.  Although when I did, I was so nervous that the act of giving him my number to every ounce of courage that I had and I forgot to ask him name!

He texted the next day and asked me out the day after. We went out last night, but in the days in between, I found out 2 salient facts: 1) He’s 29 and 2) He’s a State Trooper!

Me: Mom, he’s 29.
My Mom: Well, what do you think about that?
Me: I think it’s pretty badass that I picked up a 29 year old when I’m about to turn 35
Mom: That doesn’t have to do with him!
Me: Yeah, but it’s the important part!

When he walked in last night he was even cuter than I remember and my first thought was “Great taste, Diana!”  We had a fun time. He was flirty and funny.  At the end of the night he walked me to my car and lingered for longer than necessary (I had to finally say I needed to go because it was getting late).  Despite all of the Officer Hottie fantasies that were playing in my head during our 3.5 hours of drinks, he left without even trying for a kiss.

I hope we hang out again, as he was easy to be around and kept me laughing.  But at this point I can’t even begin to understand what guys are thinking… And so begins the patience of waiting to see if he will make a move. 

Ok, fine, I have to admit, he texted first after we parted last night. But I texted first today. Clearly I am lacking in texting self-discipline, as I literally couldn’t hold out!  To ease my anxiety of this waiting game, I bought a dozen chocolate chip cookies from the Amish market.  This is my guaranteed hedge that I’ll be satisfied no matter how the situation turns out J

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