Monday, March 3, 2014

Help! I’m having irrational thoughts!

I went out in the city this weekend and everywhere I went, I was craning my neck looking to see if the Pace Setter was there. Correction, hoping to see if he was there. Though my brain realizes there is a 99% chance that he’s a player, my emotions are insisting on thinking that maybe he is true to his word and he is just having a busy time right now.

Why am I stuck on someone who isn’t worth the energy? Am I putting myself back in the path of a storm by even entertaining these thoughts?

I assumed he comment about “would love to be friends” was just an attempt to appear as a nice guy & not a total player, so I figured I wouldn’t hear from him again. Then he said he was going to text me over the weekend to see what I was doing. Is it possible that I’m stuck in his head like he’s stuck in mine?  It seems unlikely.  He shouldn’t be stuck in my head at all.

It seems rare to find someone that you are relaxed & comfortable around and have a good time. This point really hit home when I went on a date yesterday where the guy was intentionally “giving me a hard time” after waiting until the very last minute to ask to hang out – I left and found myself wishing I was hanging out with the Pace Setter instead.

Maybe it’s time to set my sights higher.

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