Monday, March 24, 2014

Pressure relief

It’s funny what a good round of venting can do. After all of the pressure I’ve been feeling, I had a call with the Sage Shrink and basically she said “yes that would all cause a lot of pressure, and I think you just need to talk it out”. Boy was she right, it felt like a weight was lifting after having an hour to vent out all of the thoughts that have been piling up in my head. I swear if everyone saw a Sage Shrink once a month, world peace would be achieved.

The night after the fun date with Officer Hottie, I was out and about and had really nice conversaton with a cute guy who was sitting next to me - who turns out to be a local sports anchor (hereby known as Anchorman). Though I went into to convo just making idle chat about the NCAA tournament (I didn’t know he worked in sports or I wouldn’t have rambled on about my uneducated opinions!), we ended up talking for a while and it is one of the most enjoyable random-stranger conversations I’ve had in a bar. Though I got up to leave rather abruptly, I paused and said “should we do this again” and he said yes, and texted me that night.

In my head, I’m convinced he’s a total player. I mean, he’s on TV – how can he not be? The bartender was flirting with him. A gorgeous model-esque girl showed up to hang out with him and his friends. All of the classic signs of a player. The next day he went silent on text for a few hours – which was no big deal but I definitely imagined he was probably out having drinks with some supermodel – he later texted and informed me he spent the afternoon taking a nap. LOL!  Why would I assume the worst? I’ve def done this with a few different guys – assumed the worst when they turned out to be on the up and up (and assumed the best when they turned out to be a player).  So what have I learned? That my radar is way off and may as well just have fun while keeping my guard in tact (easier said than done since I’m infamous for letting my guard down based on misplaced optimism).

Nonetheless, I was happy to have two very fun nights out and it was great to finally have some of the pressure relieved!

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