Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Patience versus Endurance

Work and personal life have been trying on both fronts lately, leaving me exhausting and hoping for that short term fix of ‘happy’ to remind me that the tough stuff is worth it. This great article on Patience versus Endurance articulates the difference of the two, in terms of what you experience as a leader.

As the 'leader' of my household (though I’m sure Grace would say she is!), I need Patience as I am waiting that someday things may feel less like a pressure-cooker. Patience that someday maybe I’ll meet Mr. Right.  It is taking a lot of Endurance to get through the daily pressure-filled grind, to hold up under the demands of house fixes, kid-obligations (I didn’t have an outfit for her on Dr. Seuss dress up day and I didn’t even realize they were having a Valentine’s Day party at school nor that I was supposed to sign up to bring a snack!)

On the professional front, my new gig is a 'leadership' position running a marketing department at a mid-size company. This is the job I’ve worked toward and what I’ve wanted to do.  I am beyond excited for this opportunity, yet it is taking Patience to turn a services-oriented marketing department into a strategic function. And it is taking marathon-level endurance to get through some performance issues.  Oh boy!

On both fronts, it feels like the “double whammy” (as the author has termed it).  It is leaving me run down. I’m still searching for the balance of how to move forward toward personal & professional goals while taking care of myself so I can take care of others as well!

What do you do when you are hit with the double whammy to keep your energy up and take care of yourself?

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