Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fixing a Leaky Roof-er

I waited until I was safely over The Roofer and then reached out and asked him what had happened. I’ve felt so ashamed since we ‘hung out’ and he dropped off the radar, that I wanted to know what happened so I wouldn’t get in that situation again.

He said he has been seeing someone for a few weeks. That he didn’t want any bad feelings becuase he thinks I’m great and would totally want to be friends because I’m “so fun to hang out with”.  I replied and said that things worked out the right way (I mean seriously, you are seeing someone and would want to hang out with a new girl as ‘just friends’ - show some decency!)

Obviously the news that he’s hanging with someone else really stung. How could he pick her and not me? But then I realized that I would have met The Good Doctor, and I would have picked him over The Roofer. Because although I thought The Roofer may be Mr. Right Now, I knew he was a far stretch from Mr. Right (also he didn’t know the correct use of your vs you’re).  Looking back I’m 99% sure he was dating the girl before he met me because a couple of timing things back then didn’t make sense but now they do.

Overall I’m glad I followed up, even though the sting of rejection immediately followed I was able to finally see that it really was ‘him not me’ - and I lucked out meeting someone who is showing me daily what it means to be cared for.

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