Monday, September 29, 2014

"For Me It's About Continuously Moving the Energy..."

On Super Soul Sunday, Alanis Morissette commented, “For me it’s about continuously moving the energy, because stagnation in my body...and a lot of trauma is held in just moving it is key”.  Oh. Wow. How true!

I’ve been doing a lot of work on the ‘trauma response’. One thing that is difficult is that once the response sets in, it is hard to move just by my own will. There are a few things that shift the heavy weight off of my chest:
  1. Setting my dog on my chest, his energy naturally warms mine and the feeling lightens
  2. Someone hugging me - as uncomfortable as it is, it shifts the energy
  3. Running
  4. Playing piano
  5. Writing
  6. Reiki - when I had reiki done, I felt large chunks of the weigh break off and dissipate. So much so that the reiki practitioner commented that she could feel the shifts to, even without me saying what had happened.

The times that the weight is the worst is when I’m stagnant. It is more likely to arise and more likely to subsist. So when she made that comment, the connection was instant. I need to keep the energy moving.  Very different that constantly taking action to avoid painful feelings, this is staying stimulated in a positive way - one of the keys to my balance that has been a reoccuring theme throughout my life.

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