Friday, February 24, 2012

Saying “Yeah, I Know”

As you can probably tell by now, I’m having a crisis of confidence. I’ve spent so much time telling myself negative things that it has skewed my perception of what is really there.

You may be curious about what Wonder Woman gives up for Lent. No, it is not the empty calories of extra doughnuts or cursing when bad guys scuff my awesome red patent leather boots....I gave up thinking negatively. It really doesn’t work for me anymore.

But giving up those annoying negative thoughts isn’t enough - I need to boost up the confidence. Frequently when people pay me a compliment, I reply “thanks I appreciate it”. Because I feel genuinely thankful that they said something nice which I then proceed to discredit in my head and dismiss. Those days are over! It’s time to say “Yeah, I know”. When someone astutely points out one of my many Wonder Woman-esque qualities, it’s time that I step up and own it - “Yeah, I know!” Because deep down, I know that quality is true. And the other person knows it too, they are the one who said it!

Ok, it may seem a little cocky at first. But when you are Wonder Woman in the midst of a crisis of confidence - you need a confidence boost! Yeah, I know!

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