Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Calling Time Out!

That’s it - I need a time out! After a whirlwind of a year, i’m tired, flat out exhausted! My adventures in dating, while fun, occassionally dramatic, and always entertaining have left me short of breath and in need of some serious soul searching.
In the last year, I have dabbled with:
The Cheshire Cat - amazing smile, says all the right things, but disappears into thin air - he never showed up!
The Ken Doll - handsome, smart, funny, the whole package. But he has his Barbie and while I wish them the best...well, I really don’t, I secretly hope to hang out with Ken again!
The Twinkie - originally coined during an episode of friends when Monica was dating one of her father’s friends (played by Tom Selleck). Monica’s father referred to his friend’s girlfriend who was in her 20’s as “the twinkie in the city” - not knowing “the twinkie” was his daughter! Twinkies are young, carefree and fun. They are sugar filled and taste good, but Twinkies don’t have the substance that you need when you are in your 30’s and raising a little girl.

There are a few others who have been left out, the basketball player, hot hair, etc. They all fall in the bucket of very fun but it ends at fun!

The trend here is all guys who aren’t ready to invest. I invest so freely and easily that I keep getting hurt. At first I took this as all rejection - the old story of ‘I’m not good enough’, which is all too familiar to anyone who has experienced infidelity first hand. But upon second look, I’m investing in all the wrong guys! I pick amazing friends. Superheros who try every day to make the world a better place. But the guys...I pick the ones that are doomed from the start, investing in guys that will never give the return that I want.

So I’m calling Time Out and taking some time to look inside of myself to find the peace and happiness that I’ve been looking to everyone else to provide for me.

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