Sunday, February 26, 2012

Night out

I went out this weekend with my friend Mulan. Though I am officially on ‘time out’, we did meet a few eligible bachelors during our night out. A well respected businessman in the area asked for my number and, true to “Millionaire Matchmaker” best guidance, he asked me out the very next day! The impending date is still to be set and I have a bit of due diligence left to do to ensure there is not record of past criminal offenses, obnoxious internet videos or other offensives that would be just cause to cancel said date. To my credit, that night I played it cool and confident and I even through in a ‘ya I know’ when a compliment was passed my way!

Though meeting cute guys with was fun, my favorite part of the night was watching my friend Mulan in full form. She is gorgeous, smart, sexy and confident. She will talk to anyone who walks nearby and always holds an engaging and entertaining conversation. She meets people with such ease that it is enviable. I am very lucky to count her among my Superhero friends!

I have no ‘ah ha’ insights from this weekend other than - wow did it feel good to get some attention from a couple of different guys in one of my first unattached nights out on the town.

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