Wednesday, March 13, 2013

First impressions

First day on the job was a big adjustment. I spent half the day excited that I was doing something new and the other half terrified that I was doing something new. I felt awkward around new people, whom were also new to the company themselves. I couldn’t get my tall mug to fit under the hot water machine (thankfully I remembered I had my “stay calm and eat cupcakes” mug which is the perfect sized. I missed my friends at my old job.

I came home last night and thought about the adjustment pains and asked myself “WWDD” - what would Diana do? (I, Diana, am afterall, Wonder Woman!)  So I went back today and scheduled a “meet the rookies happy hour” which was very well received. I invited 2 key people I will be working with to lunches to win them over with my wit and charm before I have to start asking them for help on & deliverables for my projects. I had lunch with a few members of my team and shared laughs and fun stories.  To end the day, I was invited to join a call that was interesting & stimulating - exactly what I was looking for when I left my old company. So all in all, it was a good day. I’m glad my Wonder Woman-esque shined through.

Underneath however, I’m fighting back a wave of pressure. I can feel it bearing down, the pressure of spending enough time with Grace, of being good at my job, of not talking about my kid too much, of not being self conscious about being a single mom.  Pressure to just be me. So each day I am continuing to do something for myself to bring me back to me so I can regroup and restore my joie de vive!

Update on guys: None.

I’m going to try to keep ending with a question in case you want to share your own experiences - what do you do when you feel the pressure bearing down to get you back to being you?

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