Monday, March 18, 2013

Screw 'em

I’ve been thinking about what the guy from the bar said over the weekend about his friends not dating a “girl like you who is together and doesn’t need a guy”. One word keeps coming to mind: losers.

I decided that the answer to my question from yesterday of when you do fix yourself and when you do accept yourself is this: screw ‘em!!  I’m already enough. Opinions, good job, house, car, kid, and dog - and if enough to “too much” then...well...screw ‘em!

I’m exhausted, overwhelmed and ready to pass out. New job means working in the office full time at the moment which packs everything else into a very narrow window which is currently filled with Grace’s potty training and frequent loads of laundry squeezed in the middle.  Positive mental attitude - that’s what they say, right? I’m not “overwhelmed”, I’m “highly productive”.  I’m taking this opportunity of the stress that comes with transition to practice putting a positive spin on whatever negative thought comes into my mind.  Feel free to send positive thoughts to help fill my head because the anxious thoughts are coming down like a hailstorm in March (for us Philadelphians)!

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