Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring cleaning

Spring is known as the time for new growth, a time to sweep away the old and make room for the new. In this spirit, I have done some spring cleaning of my own.

I said goodbye to The Teacher. He is not ready to date. And I don’t know if I’m in a place to meet Mr. Right but I am definitely not in a place to continue to chase someone who won’t take a step forward.  

I ended my email conversation with The Runner. We’ve been sending casual, friendly emails for the past month or so but the truth is, each time it takes him a long time to write back, it sends me right back to December where I kept feeling like I was a convenience in his life, only fitting in where it was easy, not where effort was required.  If I’m going to have bad feelings about every correspondence then why continue?  So I gracefully said I am starting a new job and have some things to take care fo (read: myself!) and bid him adieu for a while (or forever because I have no plans of reopening communication).

Lastly, and most obviously, I left my old job and open a new door starting tomorrow.  

To prepare for new growth, I am spending the last day of my optional unemployment doing some physical spring cleaning of my house, starting Grace’s potty training, and putting some nurturing actions in place so that I won’t continue to run on empty. Nurturing Wonder Woman ideas include:
Yoga, running or gym once a day to take care of my body
Make a good, hot meal once a week (which covers 2 days of meals)
List out dinners for the week
More reading, less TV...except a daily episode of Homeland until I’m caught up!
Give more thought to what makes me feel warm inside

What kind of spring cleaning are you doing to make room for new growth?

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