Monday, July 29, 2013

Beach Week Wrap Up & Boys on the Street

I took a few days off last week and headed to the beach with my Mom and Grace who stayed for the weekdays and then headed home and I had spent the weekend with friends.  It was a rejuvenating week as we spent time playing, walking, eating, listening to music, bonding, and sharing amongst ourselves and with a new friend, Buen Maestra (she teaches English as a second language).

The weekend commenced with usual bar antics and Friday night wrapped up with a friend (California Girl - cute blonde, cali attitude)  and I giving Buen Maestra advice on what to do after a boy makes repeated eye contact at a bar...and mid-advice, two cute boys next to us jumped into the conversation!  We were all walking home toward the same block but they stopped to get pizza along the way. We continued to the end of the block when we realized they were cute and funny and we wanted their numbers (in retrospect, the logical thing would have been to give them ours but it was 1am and a few drinks had been imbibed).  After playing “not-it noses” (i.e. you are not it if your finger is on your nose, last person loses), Buen Maestra was picked to go back into the pizza joint and procure the cute boys’ numbers. She mustered her inner extrovert and confidently marched back to complete her mission.
Meanwhile, California Girl and I did what any modern, empowered woman would do - we hid around the corner and giggled!  

As time passed, we grew increasingly curious as to the state of the mission - so I announced I knew how to sleuth our answer, afterall, I’ve seen every episode of The Closer and I’m practically Brenda Lee Johnson Jr. when it comes to solving a case. So I flattened my back against the brick building and inched to the corner to peek around, motioning for California Girl to follow. We we both peeped around the corner as Buen Maestra emerged...followed by the cute boys!  BUSTED!  

Embarrassing as it was, we decided to take a picture to commemorate the occasion and then walked toward home with the cute boys (as I stared at my feet, too embarassed to make eye contact).

I have been texting with the Boy on the Street (as he is now identified in my iPhone) since Friday but there has been no date invitation extended.  However, after a little sleuthing of my own, I did find that he was named as one of Philly’s hottest bachelors two years ago -  confirming my good eye not only for fashion but also for guys!

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