Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I came to a stark realization over the weekend: Hot Hair has morphed from the growing-up, semi-responsible, attractive guy I was drawn to into a typical tank top wearing, neon glowing d___bag that populates many of the beach bars.  As a final send off to Hot Hair, California Girl and I danced our way over to him where she yelled something in his ear that sounded like affirmations about what a cool chick I am and then we danced away as he look confused (simply matters can be confusing when you are wearing a lame tank top and taking shots at 5pm in the evening).  

This is where we say goodbye to Hot Hair, as he is ruining my rep of otherwise non d___bag rendezvous at the beach.  So long Hot Hair, here is wishing minimal receding of your well-cared-for hairline!

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