Monday, July 1, 2013


One of the definitions of mitsvah is “good deed done”, this weekend one of my beach house roommates certainly made this defintion ring true.  He is a single dad, divorced 9 years and newly engaged to one of my other beach house mates who is a pretty awesome chick.  The house was fairly empty at points this weekend so we found ourselves talking about all things divorce, co-parenting, crazy ex’s, dating and looking toward the future. His openness and candor about his situation and his positive outlook for the future, despite some very trying circumstances was both a relief and refreshing.  He reassured me that as long as we are good parents, our kids will know. They are smart and are not woo-ed by just fun, they know who is steady in their life and that is who they gravitate toward.  

In a very generous comment he said that it was evident I was a good mom because it everything I said, I put Grace first and in his discussions with our single parents, they have a tendency to talk about themselves and what they need before the needs of their children. It was reassuring to hear that I’m doing it right. In my heart, I know that. But it is tough going and it’s good to get solid feedback.

He also informed me that there are good guys out there and if I’m meeting guys who don’t appreciate a girl who is a great mom with a great job and runs a solid household, then I’m getting the wrong sampling of guys because good guys look at that package and thing is great. He went so far as to say that there aren’t enough of ‘me’ out there - caring, intelligent, good women.  Wow!

Overall, it was a “Thank you God” moment for that conversation that was so needed at a time when I’m still “in the middle” and finding my way.

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