Monday, July 8, 2013

Down with!

I went on a date last week with a guy who seemed very nice and intelligent over email and semi-cute in his pictures. When I arrived at the chosen destination for drinks, I literally could not even recognize him from his pictures.  Many extra pounds and somewhat ill-fitting clothes looked like he turned up for a casual family BBQ.  He was a very nice guy and obviously very nervous but it was not a match from the beginning.  In my panic of “oh no, what do I do” - I ordered the strongest drink, downed it, and left 45 minutes later, citing that if I left then, I could still tuck Grace in to bed (which was true).  It was an unfortunate evening and quite hope-dashing as yet again, I do not seem to be meeting anyone with true potential. The ones I’d be interested in are game-players, always looking for the next best thing and treating girls like they are a convenience.  The ones who would probably make good husbands lack tat joie de vivre that keeps me going!


  1. Wow. He was a "very nice guy" and "obviously very nervous" but because he carried a few extra pounds, you felt the need to drink and leave early? No wonder you're having a hard time out there-maybe you're a shallow bitch.

  2. Thank you for your comment - it is exciting to know that someone other than my Mom read my blog today!
    Perhaps I didn't do a thorough job of explaining the date nor the rationale for the non-match. His extra pounds are not the reason why he isn't a match. But the lack of chemistry does. As soon as we met, I did not feel a connection. To be honest, I did feel shallow as I sat down and ordered the drink, because I didn't feel that connection or excitement that you hope to feel when you meet someone who is a 'potential' match. I stayed open during the drink, hoping the evening would become more engaging because sometimes that connection is found in a great conversation. I looked for that glimmer of a spark as we continued to talk but it wasn't there. Yes, he was nice and nervous, I meant those as endearing attributes. But there wasn't a connection on any level. And that is a disappointment. Would a few pounds affect a potential spark one way or another? Nope. But there has to be a baseline connection that is felt and it wasn't there.