Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Out With the Old, In With the New

I saw Hot Hair again this weekend. Of course, he calls me and stops by the beach house after having a few drinks at happy hour. At this point, it is evident that while I was seeing some great characteristics of a friend who is growing up over Memorial Day, his priorities are much younger than mine.

While at aforementioned happy hour (with my usual one beer consumed over a two hour time period), I saw another boy I thought was very cute and age appropriate and he hit on me! We ran into each other later that night at the bar and he pulled me aside each time I would pass by, eventually informing me that he was going to follow me all summer, followed by a bunch of very nice compliments. It is unfortunate that he had also consumed far too many drinks so who knows if he will follow through but it certainly was flattering to be the object of such unabashed attention.

Last news - I have a match date lined up for tonight. Stats: 2 years younger than me, published a few textbooks on some type of computer graphical programming, has a good job and teaches graduate level classes at a prestigious university.  Details to follow...

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