Monday, July 15, 2013

I Am Enough...repeat, repeat, repeat

Consumed by stress from an unhealthy workplace, constant struggles with my mother, and oversharing from the ex, I spent the better part of last week and the weekend sleeping. Though I have no “ah ha” moments to write about, at least I’ve gotten rid of the fuzzy vision/light-headed feeling that had set in over the past few weeks.

I am addressing work issues head on over a period of time (as things do not change overnight in a culture that is set in its ways), I am setting boundaries with my mother and likewise doing the same with my ex husband. However, the only thing that I can control today for all 3 stresses is my perspective.

I bounce back and forth between “woe is me” - feeling a victim of unfair circumstances that seem to continually arise and a conscious effort to push those thoughts aside and take control of my narrative, replacing “woe is me” with “I am enough”.  This one simple affirmation is applicable in three ways:

Woe is Me.
I Am Enough.
Woe is Me...the complex, process-filled environment causes missed deadlines on EVERY deliverable, taking away any sense of success and accomplishment.
My success is based on the the quality and timeliness of the work that I create and submit. I am enough.
My Mom
Woe is mother is stepping all over the boundaries I try to set and when confronted, informs me of my shortcomings (inflexible, etc), which I internalize and use to re-enforcing my long-standing narrative that I am fundamentally broken.
Who I am, all of my traits, enable me to be the person I am. I am enough.
My Ex
Woe is ex-husband over-shares, manipulates, breaks boundaries and is in-my-face 24/7
"It's not the critic who counts"  His views, opinions, thoughts and commentary have nothing to do with WHO I AM. I am enough.

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