Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Things that make me tired:
- Apparently newly discovered low blood pressure
- 2.75 year olds who cry when they can’t wait Big Bird
- Mom’s who move in temporarily and cause a tornado in daily life
- Mom’s who force many long, emotional and tense conversations that would have otherwise resolved themselves once the moving transition is over
- Ex husbands who overshare because they want to be friends
- Bosses who can’t muster up a ‘good job’ after putting together a kick ass media briefing
- Bosses who put you in the middle of their discontent with their direct reports
- Guys who treat you like you are only for entertainment at their whim
- Guys who don’t want to date someone with kids
- Housework
- Things breaking in the house
- Yardwork
- Missing quality time with my good friends
- Awful match.com
- Match.com is, in and of itself, exhausting
- Wedding anniversary date (it was Sunday...and I actually forgot about it all day except for about 10 teary-eyed minutes...not too bad!)

I’m tired. I’ve been taking 2 naps a day on non-work days and still falling asleep by 9:30pm at night. My mom says it’s tension. I think I’ve contracted some type of weird tired disease.  Everything feels like it takes so much effort right now and all I want to do is go back to sleep.

Good night!

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