Wednesday, July 9, 2014

5...Make That 4 Dates in One Week and the Best Date Was…

After 5...make that 4 dates in a week (5 scheduled, 1 flaked), the best date I had all week was the one I had with myself.  When date #5 flaked, I found myself with an entire Sunday afternoon to myself. I gave my car a deep cleaning, bought some plants, ran some errands and generally improved my surroundings in one way or another. By the time the evening arrived, the house was in order and Grace returned just in time to go to a free outdoor concert. As the sun slowly set, it softly soaked into my skin, gently warming me as I watched Grace dance freely with glee to the sound of the acoustic guitar and expressive singer. It was a purely blissful day. And it left me with the lingering question: Why am I wasting my time trying to meet someone when the best dates I have are with myself?

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