Thursday, July 17, 2014

"One day he will treat you like the waitstaff"

One of the things that feels so ridiculous about feeling rejected by the guy from saturday night is that he already got on my nerves when we were out. I already knew this wasn’t going to go anywhere serious because he was high maintenance in certain ways. For example, he gave the bartender a very hard time, over and over, about the beer he was ordering, to the point that even she looked annoyed. I thought ‘what is wrong with this guy? don’t take everything so seriously!”

I came across a brilliant post by Emily Bracken in the Huffington Post today, entitled “10 Things Only People Over 30 Know about Dating”.
3. One day he will treat you like the waitstaff.
I went on a few dates with a guy who, while adoring and attentive to me, was short with our waiter. He never said thank you or looked him in the eye. It was if my date was Cleopatra, and the waiter was simply there to wave him with a palm leaf. And it bothered me. Then about a week later, we got together after work. He was in a bad mood after a long day, so I offered to pick up dinner. His retort was short, brusque and entitled -- just as he'd been with the waiter. You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he interacts with his mother and the elderly. But pay particular attention to the way he interacts with people in the service industry, because when he's feeling off his game, that's how he'll treat you one day.

I know I dodged a bullet with this one, because he would be picky and high maintenance about things that just aren’t a big deal and it would eventually be directed at me. I picked up on it then and I love that the author of that post articulated this phenomena so well!

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