Monday, July 7, 2014

Too Much Sweet Can Make You Sick

I went out on date #3 with Helicopter Guy. Although I was not really feeling it, my friends persuaded me that it was in my best interest because “he obviously likes you.”

However, there is a reason why people say do not come on too strong or you will scare someone off -- after I asked him to tone things down, he immediately asked for date #3. It took me 2 days to say yes and ask what he had in mind to which he replied “anything you want Diana Pants!!” followed by a smiley face with hearts as eyes.  My stomach turned. I felt like I barely knew him, yet he was sending sickenly sweet messages.

Looking back over our conversations, I had taken the tactic that is a sure-fire guy pleaser, ask a lot of questions and give them space to talk about themselves. Everyone likes talking about themselves, heck I even write an entire blog doing just that!  But in a dating situation, it should be good and take. Ask, answer, and throw another question back. He didn’t ask, not about me, not about my daughter, my dog, my life or my interests. He would be hard pressed to give you 5 concrete facts about me.

I wanted to give him a fair chance so I replied “maybe hold back on calling me “Diana Pants” and any emoticons with hearts.” If he didn’t get the message then he really was on another planet.

Saturday rolled around and I went on the date against my slightly woozy stomach.  To his credit, he really tried to tone it down in person. But at this point I am so turned off by the lack of interest in me as a person (as opposed to my apparently “good looks”) along with the sickenly sweet messages that I need to say goodbye.

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