Friday, July 18, 2014

"Flaky is a good attribute... for a croissant"

In continuing with the truly entertaining article by Emily Bracken on the Huffington Post “10 Things Only People Over 30 Know about Dating,” #5 also resonated with me:

Flaky is a good attribute... for a croissant.
I've noticed that a certain age men's habits become ingrained. Sometimes they're good habits, like remembering to put the toilet seat down, and sometimes they're bad habits, like saying he'll call and then doesn't. I always thought this was a reflection of how a certain long-standing crush felt about me. But then I came to see that his indecision was actually his way of showing me that he wasn't ready to make me or my needs a priority. This didn't make him a bad guy, it just made him flaky -- which, while a good attribute in a French pastry, is not so much in a boyfriend.

Saturday night guy sent mixed signals. He never fully signaled disinterest but he never fully signaled interest. And in the end, he was flaky. Is there a better line than the one above?

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