Monday, November 24, 2014

"The truth will set you free and there is so little in the popular culture".

I saw Anne Lamott speak on a tour to promote her new book, Small Victories: Spotting Moments of Improbable Grace.  In her usual style, Anne had so many eloquent one-liners that perfectly express various experiences in our lives.  

A few of my favorites included:
“Letting go and forgiveness are just not my strong suits and are of course the Christian traditions - I need the tradition that is to sulk.”

“Grace will meet you exactly where it finds you and it won't leave you there.”
“Laughter is carbonated holiness.”

“When I get my sense of humor back I know I've been touched by grace."

"The truth will set you free and there is so little in the popular culture."

That last one is why I write this blog.  I apologize because my potential readers (i.e. my best friend, occasionally my mother and hopefully a few others out there) are getting my rough first drafts that I quickly try to get out while the thoughts are still in my head. I did learn from Anne that I should go back and remove, remove, remove the details - so thank you for bearing with me through the imperfect, unpolished versions that you see.

Many people have described me as a truth-sayer -- and have meant it only in a half positive light. As in ‘you are a truth-sayer and that can make some people uncomfortable’.  I don’t know how to be anything else, I don’t know how to lie or sugar-coat. I don’t understand sweeping experiences and related emotions under the table. So I’m giving you the raw version as it unfolds, as lost and then found, then lost again and then found again as this path goes….

The last quote that I brought home from Anne Lamott was this, "The great medicine words of our culture - 'me too'." - I hope this blog brings you a big of connection and compassion so that you can see it is ‘me too’ who has these struggles, whether they be the same or result in the same challenges, this journey is hard, exciting, challenging, fearful, frustrating and joyful for ‘me too’.

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