Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Why It’s Ok to Have a Crazy Girl Quota

If you have to endure the trials, tribulations and insane emotional rollercoaster of online dating then you are entitled to a ‘crazy girl quota’ - i.e. a certain amount of actions that guys may view as crazy that you are allotted for the year.  I believe this amount is equal to two mildly crazy actions per six-month time period. The reason this crazy quota is acceptable is because dating will actually drive you crazy, and occasionally you will need to get it out of your system.

For example, I texted The Soccer Player last night.  Why would I text this Weak A** Man, you ask? Well for the last month I have felt shame and humiliation for buying what he was selling. He was practically interviewing to be a boyfriend and moving things faster that I was comfortable with - but in trying to be a cool girl, I went along with it.

Here’s what happens when you try to be a cool girl and go along with something you aren’t comfortable with: it makes you crazy!

So I sent him a long-winded text in a not-so-veiled attempt to find out if anything he said was real or if I bought into yet another emotional con artist - and he didn’t write back.  Was one text enough to get the crazy out of my system? Nope! I sent a second saying that I don’t have a thick skin & I take things to heart - I was just wondering if I was mistaken about what had happened and that if he chose not to respond then it would be a lesson learned for me.  Obviously he chose not to respond.

Here’s why you will likely not receive a response to your crazy girl texts (i.e. texts that are holding a mirror up to a Weak A** Man):  Unreasonable people don’t like to admit they are unreasonable, so frequently they just shut down and walk away - it’s easier to avoid facing the reality that you are, in fact, a Weak A** Man, if you avoid looking in a mirror.

My best piece of advice about girls or guys: It is futile to ask unreasonable people (i.e. those who have acted in an unreasonable or illogical fashion) to be reasonable. You are trying to ask for a reasonable answer out of someone who isn’t wired that way!

So I used up my crazy girl quota last night, and he never replied. This could sound like a disaster of a situation - but it is actually a victory. Why? Because now I’ve confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that The Soccer Player is a Weak A** Man and I will be wiser next time around when someone tries to push me out of my dating comfort zone.

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