Thursday, November 13, 2014

Tinder Date 14 & Revising 1st, 2nd and 3rd Date Criteria

I went out with a college professor on a first date which seemed promising, but thereafter he seemed to be ‘mailing it in’ - lacked ambition - not really making an effort. I agreed to a second date but while I was driving there I realized he hadn’t met my criteria for a second date, I accepted merely on his credentials alone!  He hadn’t made me laugh - not even once!

As I sat across the fancy table from him drinking a nice glass of wine, I noticed he didn’t even take his suit jacket off, he looked stiff and he seemed completely uninterested in me - yet very interested in talking about him.

Revisiting my criteria, I realized I left off two key points - acknowledging my daughter & asking questions about me!:
Must have for a 1st date:
  • Smart
  • Educated
  • Makes me laugh before meeting him
  • Has varied interests outside of sports and drinking
  • New: Acknowledges the existence of my daughter (asks how old, etc)

Must have for a 2nd date:
  • Intelligent
  • Made me laugh on the 1st date
  • Career oriented
  • Kind
  • Has some opinion about musical tastes (for some reason guys who don’t care about music tend to not care about much else either)
  • New: Makes some reference to my daughter
  • New: Asked questions about me on the 1st date, didn’t just talk about himself

Must have to move past the 2nd date:
  • Caring
  • Generous
  • Is continually seeking to learn more/grow
  • Can hold a conversation that dips below surface level topics
  • New: Asked questions about me on the 2nd date, didn’t just talk about himself

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