Monday, March 12, 2012

Roll the credits!!

For this week, I have been challenged to keep a list of things I deserve credit for (with the going theory that I only keep a mental list of things that I’m at fault for...which is pretty much everything).  So I encourage anyone reading this blog and to share what they deserve credit for this week in the comments section - feel free to come back and add more).  Here are a few that I put on my list:
  • Making my friends laugh
  • Not chasing after or further investing in anyone who is not investing back (ahem, Twinkie).
  • Continuing to build a better life even though I feel like throwing down the shovel and taking a nap for a few weeks!
  • Fixing my mother’s remote control (everything counts on the ‘deserve credit’ list)
  • Writing a witty blog?!?  haha
  • Making a healthy choice at lunch (if you know about my eating habits, then you know this is not small feat)

What do you deserve credit for? Keep the credits rolling!

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