Saturday, March 31, 2012

You’re money baby!

I hung out with The Dad this week and post-date the same wave of doubts ‘did I say the wrong thing’, ‘was there food in my teeth’, etc etc set in. After not receiving a post-date text (nor one this next morning) letting me know he had a good time, I started to worry that while I had a really good time, perhaps he didn’t share the same experience!  I replayed the evening over and over, looking for any possible moment where I may have mis-stepped, costing me that reinforcing, precious post-date text. 

After spinning possibilities in my head for far too long (which longer than 5 mins is technically ‘far too long’ to spend doubting yourself post date), I thought of my friend, affectionately known as Double Down (as his dating advice is largely derived from the philosophical wonder ‘Swingers’).  Double Down has acted as a pretty stellar dating coach in the past, and I knew exactly what he would say: You’re money baby!  In Swingers, Mikey spent the whole movie pining over an ex-girlfriend, questioning his confidence, his value, & his smoothness.  In the end, he finally got his confidence back and as a result he got the awesome girl (and let go of the annoying ex).  

Such a timeless lesson (and thank God it was recorded in film for all to study, as my friend insisted that I do) - it isn’t about what the other person thinks or doesn’t think. It is about being yourself and knowing that is money, baby!

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