Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The wisdom of George Michael

"Before this river becomes an ocean,
Before you through my heart back on the floor.
Oh baby I reconsider my foolish notion,
Well I need someone to hold me, but I’ll wait for something more.
Yes, I’ve gotta have faith…"

Since starting this blog, I have been making really great decisions. I have moved away from the Twinkie, because we all know Twinkie’s aren’t healthy for you. I am building a friendship with Aquaman (more to come), and continuing to meet new people.  That being said, it is definitely hard each day to “have faith” and turn down the ‘sugar decisions' in order to make the healthy decisions to build toward what I really want (rather than what is yummy right now!).

This weekend I had dinner/drinks with Aquaman. As just friends, it is really great hanging out.  It is easy to be open and honest about where we are each at (healing) and there is no pressure to say the ‘right’ thing or to be cool (thank God because I totally crack under the pressure to be ‘cool’).  The more I get to know Aquaman, the more sense he makes to me and the more comfortable I am. 

I also hung out with a friend of a friend; we’ll call him ‘the Dad’. He’s older than I am and has 2 kids who are in high school. He dedicated his life to being a dad but also spent quality time figuring out who he is and developing his interests. He was funny, nice, smart, and solid.  Looking forward to hanging with him again.

So although in George Michael’s apropos words ‘Well I need someone to hold me, but I’ll wait for something more.” – I am having faith and waiting for something more, not diving into to the first dessert that will be instant gratification J

PS – Cheshire Cat got in touch this weekend. And you will be happy to know that after a very short exchange, I blew him off. I had nothing left to say to him. He asked about getting together and I let it go because he didn’t materialize over 6 months of ‘let’s hang out’s’ so why would I waste my time now?  It is a great feeling to know that he can no longer get to me….because I’m far too strong to him, even in my superhero infancy.

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