Friday, March 9, 2012

I get by with a little help from my friends...

It’s been a trying week with the departure of my mentor and friend from my place of employment. The general feeling of isolation continuing to persist every day. And who knew - after you stop dating someone it actually hurts for a while!  I got by this week with a little help from my friends....

I thought because I knew I shouldn’t be/didn’t want to be dating Twinkie, that meant  that I was ok with it and would move on. I didn’t realize you still feel the hurt and disappointment of the relationship you had hoped for and the glimpse of having a companion that made the isolation melt away, at least for a time.  My friends helped put this in perspective with the sage advice of “it hurts - duh!” and said “time will make it better”.  Man...I’m so tired of waiting for time to make things better because it does not move nearly as fast as I would like it to!  Anyway, very thankful for my friends giving me perspective and helping to break the fixation on whatever happened or did not happen with the Twinkie.

And as for the isolation, as one amazing friend - Super Mom (yes, there is a Super Mom) said, learning to be alone and learning that does not mean you are unlovable or unwanted is what will ultimately bring the title of Wonder Woman. Learning that not only are you ok alone but are actually really great all on your own.  She pointed out that experiences will mean so much more because I will have done the hard work to build my foundation and the life that will flow from it.  I am very grateful for her perspective.

Lastly, the departure of my mentor and close friend from our workplace.  She has been endlessly supportive, opened my eyes to things inside of myself that I didn’t even know where there, built up my confidence in areas that I didn’t think I had anything to offer, showed me my potential and that I have the ability to fulfill it.  Words can not express the impact she has had on my life and I will forever be grateful for having her as a friend (and mentor).

In the “Wonder Woman did good” move of the week - I told Aquaman that he was a little too intense too fast and it was freaking me out and suggested we get to know each other as friends. He was very happy with this suggestion and it has been nice slowly getting to know him since.  6 months ago I never would have bent myself inside and out to fit the situation rather than acknowledging the situation isn’t a fit for me.  Go WW!

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