Friday, March 2, 2012

Countdown to midnight

Date with the guy from the bar last weekend (known as Aquaman) is tonight!

From Little Buddha - the supportive, endless wise, pint-sized Buddha

I think you are going to have fun tonight.  Doesn’t sound like you have to do too much work either.  I’m glad you are looking forward to it.  When/if he says something that scares you, try to make a mental note to smile.  The act of smiling when fear is present is kind of like holding the cross up to the devil.  You don’t have to feel the smile, just physically do the act of lifting the corners of your mouth.

No expectations right?  And I don’t mean regarding him.  No expectations on yourself.  Be yourself, not who you think everyone else wants you to be.  You really are an incredible person Diana.  You’ve been a true friend, you’ve taught me things I never would have seen just by being willing to look at yourself.  You are incredibly brave…a true Warrior.  You didn’t crumble and complain through all this, you fought every single day!  Even when you swore you were giving up, it was clear you were fighting harder.  You fought for yourself and in turn you fought for everyone around you, especially your daughter.  An angel can only make an angel. : )

You fear, as we all do, but not too many people out there are willing to put it out there to their friends.  You trusted your friends and in turn gave us all something so valuable and priceless in return.  You give unconditionally and you always give someone the benefit of the doubt where most people judge and dismiss.  You have a heart so big, you can’t even see it. : )  These are not words to make you feel better.  I suck at lying.  What I am saying is we’re all lucky to have you as a friend, mother, daughter, coworker, manager and so on.

So, trust you “intuitive warrior-ness”.  Trust the same intuitiveness you trust when you meet a friend.  Trust yourself to be yourself, be confident that you are a good person and if someone doesn’t see that, they are not good for you.  Most are good people, but that doesn’t always make them good for “you”.  You are good for you.  It’s as simple as that.

Have fun, play a little tonight, smile each time you feel fear creeping in - this is a great test because you are not invested. : )  You deserve some unconditional, I don’t give a sh*t, play in the mud, fun!

To Little Buddha’s unconditional fun point, Bestie Liz has informed me I am not to worry, fret, or feel fearful tonight - tonight is for fun. After midnight, she has assured me we will reassess and hash out all of my fears, rational or not. But tonight is for fun!

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