Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A letter to the guy who sends mixed signals from every girl who has ever received them

What I wanted to send to The Soccer Player, but didn’t.  Here is a letter to the guy who sends mixed signals from every girl who has ever received them:


I really didn't understand what you were trying to tell me with your texts last night. I understand you are a busy guy, I stay pretty busy myself!! Last week you seemed concerned I wouldn't have time for you with my upcoming crazy weeks but there is always a way to find time, I never worry about that.

What I read that you were telling me was -- you are busy, all of the pressure of would be on me  and that you don't really have any time to go out and that's why you are single. It sounded like you were warn me away, trying to push me away.

I never had any expectation of your time or when you text. When you were so busy over the weekend, I had to resist the urge to drop off dinner just so you had something to eat while you were running around. I mentioned I'm a giver, I instinctively want to take care of people whom I care for.

Ultimately, I would like to be an equal.  Where equal effort is put in from both sides.  If that sounds like too much for your life right now, then please let me know.

I typically go with the flow in when getting to know someone - but ultimately I would like to end up dating someone, investing, sharing. Those things are exciting to me. You told me that you always go in hopeful - that you were hopeful this would go somewhere.

Meeting you was exciting to me.  From what you said, we were on the same page. I let my guard down and now I'm going on this rollercoster ride with you. I wish you would just be straight with me so I could get off of this rollercoaster ride that is ending with teary eyes and a deflated feeling as I show up to work on a Monday morning to comments of 'boy you look tired'.


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