Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tinder Date 11: The Soccer Player

Last night I met The Soccer Player whom I’ve been texting with for close to 2 weeks.  We went for drinks at the nicest bar in my town (which is also my standard first date place). He is European, very cute, used to play professional soccer when he was younger, now works at a local University and is training to try out for minor league soccer here.  

We had pretty easy conversation for 3 hours. His whole face is a smile so it made for a more comfortable conversation. He was very clear that he’s looking for a relationship. He still believes in one true love, as that is what his parents had.  So of course I’m sitting there wondering if he can read ‘jaded’ across my forehead. I don’t know about one true love.  I can barely feel anything, as my guard popped right back up after the acceleration and the abrupt end of The Good Doctor.

I mean, I hope to meet one person, stick with them, and work at a lasting relationship. But do I think there is just one right person in the entire world?  Definitely not. The world is a big place! Maybe he wasn’t implying one right person, maybe he was referring to one commitment that you honor.  Either way, he’s a romantic at heart. Maybe because he’s European!

He asked for a second date while we were wrapping up drinks. Then he walked me to my car and was grinning at me -- and in the awkwardness of the moment, I didn’t know what to do so I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  I’m not even sure why I did it - maybe to thank him for being him - a true romantic who never gave up those ideals. Or maybe just to fill up an awkward moment!  Either way, next time there is an awkward moment, I’m going to offer a high five.

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