Monday, August 4, 2014

Tinder Date #6 (and Last): The Roofer

9 years ago when I was living with my then to-be-husband, we had to have some roofing work done. When the young, super cute roofing salesman came out, I blushed and readily agreed to his proposal.  I informed my to-be-husband that our roofer was hot and recommended that local friends call him if they ever needed  a roof repair coupled with some hot eye candy. How often is it that a contractor-type that shows up is your age and very good looking?!

Fast forward 9 years, I get married and divorced and I run into someone on Tinder who looks a little familiar. After introducing ourselves and our occupations, I quickly realize this is my hot roofer crush from years ago!  I tell him that we’ve met before and he informs me he’s divorced too and promptly invites me for drinks.  We have an amazing first date, followed by a kiss and an invitation for a second date.

Between the first and second date, he texts almost all day. Saying how happy he is to have met me, closing with ‘night cuties’ before he went to bed. Letting me know if was looking forward to hanging out again.

The second date takes place a few days later and we go go-karting and play games and then land at the local bar for drinks and some shuffleboard. Laughing the entire evening, the connecton is tangible.

I come off of the second date with a high that you only get from that instantaneous connection, assuming it will move forward because of his references to setting my friends up with his, etc.

Unfortunately, immediately following the date started his busiest work week ever, followed by a long weekend vacation.  He dropped of the radar. Texting minimally. Always responding warmly to mine. I tried to give him space to get this stuff done and get out of town. When he left for vacation, I tried to give him space to enjoy his time with friends & family. All the while, receiving minimal texts.  He wasn’t exactly blowing me off, because he was texting things that were unnecessary (like his fav song of the moment or a funny article he read, he even asked what I was up to). But among the texts were no ‘can’t wait to see you again’ much less an ask for a second date.

On saturday night we texted a bit and I dropped off the conversation when it came to a natural conclusion. I figured if he wanted to see me again, he could follow up and text me. But nothing came. That damn phone lay there silently, no vibrations, no chirps.

I can surmise many reasons why he went from hot to cold but whatever he is thinking is ultimately unknown and irrelevant. It was really hurtful to have something built up and then drop without a heads up. I understand busy, but you have to throw out a thread to keep the connection going. So as we bid adieu to my 9 year crush, we also bid adieu to Tinder, at least for a while.

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