Monday, August 4, 2014

"Why don’t you just be your fabulous self for a while and forget about the rest?"

My anxiety is back up at a high. The constant dates and energy output to try to meet someone has taken a toll and it’s time, once again, to take a break and declare a month of me.  I’ve already started with either running or meditating every date, but even that isn’t enough to break this tidal wave of anxiety that has set in.

I was really hoping all of this effort would have yielded someone with potential to go further. I was even sure that it would. So I’m disappointed, down, and once again left with the fear that alone may be my always and final facebook status.

Knowing that I’m in need of rejuvenation and grounding, I recognize it is time to take a break again and reinstitute the infamous (and consistently effective) “Month of Me”

I was reading an article in Vogue this month about a failed whirlwind romance that resulted in an unexpected friendship. The end of the article says, “You must hold out for the right now, and make sure that the life you’re living in the meantime is a full one.”

I haven’t been ‘holding out for hugs’, I’ve been getting swept up by anyone who peeks my interested because so few have. It’s time I put energy back into my life and set everything else aside.  A friend at a party this weekend said “You are fabulous. Why don’t you just be your fabulous self for a while and forget about the rest?”

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