Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tinder Date #7: The StartUp Geek & The Conclusion of the Roofer

Tinder Date #7
Last week I went out on Tinder Date #7 with a guy who runs a startup company in the city. He was tall, handsome, had one tattoo on his arm & he does triathlons. What’s not to like?  We had a good conversation about this work (which relates to what I used to do so I can geek out on that topic all day), but there was no flirting and not many laughs. I could feel that I had a wall up that was a mile high, and for his part, he wasn’t giving off any fun date vibes or making much of an effort to ask aobut me.  We both said we had a good time & texted for a few days after but there was no ask for a second date and I couldn’t convert my mile-high wall into a welcoming vibe, much less flirty.  And to be fair, he didn’t really crack any jokes and only mildly laughed at mine - which is a huge red flag because everyone knows I’m very funny :)

The Roofer
The Roofer has been sending mixed signals for the last few weeks. While I said in my previous blog post about The Roofer that I was done with him & his mixed signals (I also said I was done with Tinder) - apparently I was wrong on all 3 accounts.  (Though for Tinder, as I said before, I’m being much more selective about who I meet in person and only agreeing if the guy puts in the effort).  So anyway, The Roofer sent a few texts saying how he wants to go out again soon but he’s really busy right now. Then nothing for days on end. He said some complimentary things and “Sorry I’ve been unavailable” and then nothing for days on end. No explanation. I assume it is from his work, which he said was a record-breaking busy month, but he could be at the beach every weekend, could be on dates every weekend, could have a sick mother, house could have been swallowed in a sink hole - I really don’t know because he didn’t keep up communication during his busy time.

So I’ve rewritten his last text in my head to say “Sorry I am unavailable” - because regardless of what he occupying his time, he is unavailable and I want to spend my energy pining over someone who is (or no one at all), but I’m not wasting it waiting around for him.

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