Monday, August 18, 2014

"I am Love"

I’ve been doing the Oprah - Deepok Chopra 21 day meditation experience.  Each day Oprah gives a few thoughts on the day’s topic and then Deepok Chopra does a deeper dive before giving you a centering through and mantra on which to meditate.

On Friday, I hit a turning point. I was feeling awful, about all of the bad decisions I’d made with boys over the last few weeks, about feeling so alone even three years after the divorce, just unworthy in general.  My Mom came over and told me that she never worries about me hitting bottom because she knows that my core is based in love. So there is no rock bottom. I will always come back to my core, which is love.

After we talked, we did the Oprah-Deepok Chopra meditation for the day (it was technically Day 4 because I’m a day behind).  Oprah discussed how we spend our time looking for love outside of ourselves. Deepok went on to explain that we already are love. We are all connected from the source and we are love. We can radiate that out to others. We don’t need to seek it out in others.  The centering thought was “I am love” and as I repeated this silently to myself for 10+ mins, my heart began to lighten and I could full love and light streaming out.

Since then I’ve started to feel lighter and lighter. Remembering that even as loneliness touches me (like on a Sunday night), I am love, I do not need to seek it elsewhere to see it.  In the next meditation I focused on sending that love to all of my loved ones, hoping that maybe they would feel like a little more lightness in their day as the love that I sent comes to them.

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